CREST is a collaborative of organizations and individuals committed to improving the health and welfare of underrepresented populations. Together, we will foster interactions between community-academic partners who share an interest in improving public health.

What does CREST do?

CREST invites partnerships with communities designed to identify and prioritize health research questions of most relevance to them.

Tufts CTSI is committed to ensuring the best health outcomes for all the populations we serve. We recognize that in order to be successful, we must partner with communities most impacted by, and who have been underrepresented in, the research process.

CREST’s Mission

Our mission is to promote the health and wellness of Black and Brown communities in the Greater Boston Area through trustworthy and transparent academic-community partnerships. We will achieve this goal by facilitating tailored and relevant research projects, interventions, and educational opportunities.

Who is eligible?

Individuals and organizations interested in community-academic research partnerships are invited to join CREST.

CREST Services

The CREST team:

  • Works with communities to prioritize their needs and facilitate community-driven research projects
  • Provides researcher/community stakeholder trainings
  • Identifies experts to comment and educate on contemporary (pressing) health issues
  • Provides evidence-based and data-driven information to inform our work
  • Develops capacity-building strategies and programs for academic-community partnerships.

CREST Partners

CREST is guided by an active community-researcher Steering Committee whose core members include representatives from:


Interested in joining CREST, learning more, or engaging with our services? Please submit a service request and check the box for “Integrating Special Populations.”

Linda B. Hudson, ScD, MSPH, Associate Director, Integrating Underrepresented Populations in Research; Director, CREST

Binta Barry, MS, Project Manager, Integrating Underrepresented Populations in Research

Zion Iverson, Senior Project Coordinator, Integrating Underrepresented Populations in Research