Stakeholder and Community Engagement involves working collaboratively with and through members of a specific population to address disparities and improve health.

Our goals are to build the capacity for stakeholders and community members to participate in research, and for researchers to know how to best engage stakeholders and community members in research.

Stakeholders and community members may include:

  • Patients and their families
  • Community leaders and staff in community-based organizations
  • Health and mental health care providers, support staff, and administrators in locations like clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, schools, and home-based programs
  • Individuals and groups paying for, purchasing, or setting policy about health.

Core Functions

  • Promoting stakeholder and community engagement in research across the translational spectrum
  • Addressing Asian health disparities affecting the Asian community, especially the community around the downtown Boston Tufts Health Sciences Campus

Who is eligible?

Investigators and staff at Tufts CTSI partners and collaborators are eligible for SCE-related services.

Available Services

  • Consultations
  • Connections to collaborators
  • Capacity-building for community partnerships, grant support, and support for systems-change initiatives
  • Proposal development support
  • Seminars, workshops, and symposia (available in-person or via I LEARN).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I learn more about stakeholder and community-engaged research?
    • Read Principles of Community Engagement (PDF), published by the Clinical and Translational Science Awards Consortium Community Engagement Key Function Committee Task Force on the Principles of Community Engagement.
    • View this conversation with Drs. Jonathan Garlick and Thomas Concannon about how T1/basic researchers can use Stakeholder and Community Engagement to strengthen their research teams and impact population health (full version and highlights):


To contact us, please submit a service request.

Thomas W. Concannon, PhD, Co-Director, Stakeholder & Community Engagement

Robert Sege, MD, PhD, Co-Director, Stakeholder & Community Engagement