“Assessing whether our work is having a positive effect is an important part of our commitment to researchers and the public. Quantitatively and qualititatively, we evaluate where we are and continuously strive to further expand our impact.”

Lisa Welch, PhD
Evaluation Director

To achieve our desired impact on clinical care, health outcomes, and public health, we continuously assess and improve our performance in six strategic areas, informed by the translational science principles articulated by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

Advancing clinical and translational research

  • Catalyze research in high priority areas that address unmet needs, such as COVID-19 and health disparities.
  • Facilitate high-quality studies that disseminate, translate, and implement results.

Overcoming barriers to translation

  • Expand clinical and translational science (“science of the science”) to improve research processes across projects and integration of research with clinical care across diseases.
  • Enhance understanding and support of full-spectrum translation.

Fueling innovation

  • Develop/adapt innovations in all aspects of research, demonstrate their effectiveness, and achieve successful dissemination and implementation.

Growing collaboration, inclusion, and engagement

  • Catalyze broadly-engaged, high-functioning teams.
  • Realize synergies with our partner organizations and other CTSAs.
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion to improve research and the applicability of findings.

Delivering informatics solutions

  • Enable research using existing clinical and other health-related data.
  • Expand data infrastructure in priority areas, such as health equity, cancer, and One Health research.

Training a diverse team

  • Educate and mentor investigators to be translational scientists.
  • Prepare research professionals across roles, community members, and other stakeholders to collaborate effectively.