The Tufts Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Core offers services around assessing barriers and facilitators to intervention uptake and help tailoring implementation approaches to maximize health impact and improve research methods and operations. We provide consultations to individuals and teams using dissemination and implementation science methods.

Faculty and trainees at Tufts CTSI partner and collaborator institutions are eligible for these consultation services.


About D&I Science and Practice

Why is it important?

On average, most innovations and evidence-based practices do not make it into use; for those that do, the average time it takes to go into practice is 17 years (1). Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) science offers a way to help bridge the gap between science and practice by looking at how interventions can be used in real-world settings and evaluates how these interventions are put into practice (2).

What is Dissemination & Implementation?

Dissemination is the purposeful sharing of information and materials about research, while implementation is applying strategies and methods to help with the uptake of evidence-based practices and research. Combined, dissemination and implementation research aims to move research into public health and everyday use.

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Who Is Eligible?

Consultations are available to researchers at all careers stages from Tufts Medicine, such as recipients of the Small Grants to Advance Translational Science (S-GATS) award, and Tufts CTSI partner and collaborator institutions who are interested in learning more about dissemination and implementation science and practice, including dissemination and implementation science in their research, or developing a D&I research project. This includes researchers who are new to D&I and those with advanced experience. Priority will be given to Tufts CTSI innovations.


Services and Resources

The D&I Core offers the following services to researchers and research teams.


  • Uses of implementation science
  • Implementation science research designs
  • Resources for using implementation science methods
  • Assistance in implementation planning
  • Assistance in planning for innovation or research result dissemination

Tufts CTSI D&I Interest Group (DIIG)

The Tufts CTSI D&I Interest Group (DIIG) offers an opportunity for researchers and those interested in dissemination and implementation science and practice to learn more and develop a network of others interested in dissemination and implementation. The group meets quarterly and a guest speaker at each meeting covers a topic related to conducting dissemination and implementation science and practice.

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D&I Resources

These resources may be helpful to people just getting started in dissemination and implementation science.

Introduction to D&I

Online D&I Trainings

D&I Proposal and Grant Writing Resources

Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Research


For more detailed resources, please click here.


Request a D&I consult by putting in a service request. Select “consultation” and add “D&I consult” in the description box.

Rachel Gold, PhD, MPH, Director, Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Core

Denise Daudelin, RN, MPH, Lead, Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Core

Alyssa Cabrera, MPH, Senior Project Manager

Anna Thompson, M.Phil, Research Project Coordinator II



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  2. Holtrop JS, Rabin BA, Glasgow RE. Dissemination and Implementation Science in Primary Care Research and Practice: Contributions and Opportunities. J Am Board Fam Med. 2018;31(3):466-78.