Denise Daudelin, RN, MPH

Director, Research Process Improvement; Assistant Professor of Medicine
Tufts CTSI, Tufts University School of Medicine

Ms. Denise Daudelin is a research scientist with experience using quality improvement, and dissemination and implementation science methods to improve clinical care, conduct of research studies, and uptake of clinical and translational science innovations. She is the Director of the Center for Research Process Improvement, leads Tufts CTSI’s Patient-Centered Learning Health System Initiative, and recently launched the Dissemination and Implementation Science Core.

Through her work in the Center for Research Process Improvement, she leads efforts to evaluate and improve the efficient conduct of research focusing on participant recruitment and study start-up procedures. She served as the Project Director for the NIH sponsored Common Metrics Initiative to implement quality and performance measures at 64 Clinical and Translational Science Award research organizations nationwide. In her role in the Patient-Centered Learning Health System Initiative, she developed CTSI infrastructure to support local learning health system (LHS) research. In conjunction with hub partners, she is developing a self-assessment tool designed to help Tufts Medicine, and other health systems, understand their progress in the journey towards becoming an effective LHS.

In collaboration with partner Kaiser Permanente, Ms. Daudelin’s team launched a Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Core which offers consultations, training, and D&I Interest Group programming. A registered nurse with a graduate degree in public health, Ms. Daudelin was Director of Outcomes Analysis and Quality Improvement at Tufts Medical Center, where she developed and implemented operational QI and patient safety programs, co-developed QI and Resource Utilization software, and worked with clinicians to evaluate causes of medical errors.