“We are very thoughtful and deliberate about designing a curriculum organized around the students’ own research. And I think this approach is validated by the high productivity of our students.”

David M. Kent, MD, CM, MSc
Director, Clinical & Translational Science Graduate Program


The Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) Graduate Program was the first MS/PhD program in clinical research in a biomedical graduate school and an academic medical center in the nation. Offered through the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, it is designed for trainees who seek to translate research into improved clinical care and public health.

The CTS Graduate Program offers PhD and Master’s degrees, and Certificates. All courses are open for university credit to non-degree students who want to develop their research skills.

Who is eligible?

All of the CTS programs are intended for individuals with training in the medical and health sciences, most commonly fully-trained physicians. Those with other clinical degrees (e.g., DDS, DVM, PharmD) or graduate biomedical or clinical degrees (e.g., MS) may also be considered.

Tufts CTSI Career Development (K) scholars and research (T) fellows receive tuition as part of their awards. Other scholarships may be available to Tufts CTSI partner institutions to enroll in the summer course, Introduction to Clinical Care Research.


David M. Kent, MD, MSc, Program Director

Jessica Paulus, ScD, Associate Director

Elizabeth Wiltrout, PhD, Graduate Program Manager

Nina Bonnoyer, Education Coordinator