Team science has been described as a collaborative and often cross-disciplinary approach to scientific inquiry that draws researchers who otherwise work independently or as co-investigators on smaller-scale projects into collaborative centers and groups. The resources selected here provide useful overviews of the field and practical tools for working successfully within the context of a team.

Courses and Workshops

    Free online educational resource introducing the science of team science (SciTS). Developed by Northwestern University for the CTSA Consortium, COALESCE provides four online modules that cover methods for fostering cross-disciplinary collaborative research in basic biomedical, behavioral, and clinical medical sciences. The modules house short videos, animations, and activities covering a range of introductory topics, including assembling, managing, and evaluating a team.
  • Enhancing Team Effectiveness Through Communication in Science
    Maritza Salazar Campo (UC Irvine Merage School of Business) covers best practices for communication to promote team coordination and innovation. Her presentation was delivered as part of a 2018 workshop at the Icahn School of Medicine.
  • Foundations of Team Science
    Tufts CTSI and the Tufts University Office of Research Development held a workshop on team science fundamentals. Developed with the assistance of the Tufts Technology Services’ Design Practice, the training provides an evidence-based framework for effective collaboration planning that is adaptable to diverse research domains and settings. Two, 2-hour sessions focus on practical skills for building cohesive teams, including strategies for formulating shared goals and vision, recognizing individual contributions and gaps within the team, and creating a collaboration plan.

Reports, Guides,  and Handbooks

  • Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide, 2nd Edition (PDF)
    A multi-level resource providing practical guidance on collaboration in research teams. Divided into 13 chapters covering topics from individual readiness and team dynamics to overviews of organizational structures. Concepts are illustrated with supportive case studies and supplemented with additional materials such as templates for collaborative agreements and offer letters.
  • Thriving in an Era of Team Science
    A guide developed by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. Tips and advice presented in chapters covering building a career in teams and preparing to work as part of a team. Focused on early career investigators. Provides links to additional resources.
  • Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science
    A National Academies of Science and Medicine consensus study report that synthesizes and integrates the available research on team science to provide guidance on assembling the research teams; leadership, education and professional development for investigators and groups; and institutional and organizational policies to support science teams.

Toolkits and Bibliographies