“We are entering a new era of data-driven discovery in the life sciences. Tools that promote seamless access to AI, machine learning and multi-informatics functionality are at the center of this important paradigm shift.”

Joseph Gormley
Director, Advanced Systems Development


The TAP Discovery Platform, developed by Tufts CTSI, is a unique and comprehensive software platform designed to promote collaboration and discovery in support of precision medicine and global health. The main focus of the TAP Discovery System is to stimulate innovative use of artificial intelligence within the Clinical Informatics, Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics fields. The TAP Discovery Platform facilitates automated biomarker discovery, prototyping of new clinical diagnostics and clinical decision support models, and exploration of early-stage in silico drug development.

Why Was the TAP Discovery System Developed?

There are numerous AI based tools today designed for computer and data scientists. However, they can be difficult to use and require significant understanding of code and algorithms. Furthermore, the core concepts underlying AI, and machine learning specifically, continue to grow in scope and complexity making it hard to deploy in a principled manner without advanced training as a computational scientist.

The TAP Discovery System is an alternative tool and resource designed specifically for subject-matter experts in healthcare and the life sciences who desire to build advanced data-driven models. TAP allows small scientific teams and/or resource-limited initiatives to engage in world-class AI based exploratory data analysis and hypothesis generation for a broad range of clinical and biochemical problems of interest.

The platform supports a variety of machine learning algorithms (see FAQs), a multiscale interactive visual interface, emerging explainable AI methods and integrated high-performance computing for large and/or exceptionally complex models. In addition, we continue to design new multi-informatics features that seamlessly combine predictive analytics with clinical phenotyping for population health initiatives, biomarker profiling, and chemical discovery and optimization for those interested in early-stage drug discovery.

Resources and Services

  • TAP Discovery Platform
  • Artificial Intelligence Consultation
  • Clinical Informatics Services
  • Bioinformatics Services
  • Cheminformatics Services

Who is eligible?

Most Tufts CTSI Informatics services, including TAP Discovery are available to Tufts CTSI partners and collaborators. TAP Discovery is designed for clinicians, scientists, analysts and engineers across the spectrum of biomedical sciences and translational research who are interested in using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify, model and visualize the dependencies and relationships within complex datasets. Please submit a service request to get started!

For fast and successful service

  • Please follow IRB guidelines in the HIPAA forms section and obtain necessary approvals or waivers prior to using TAP.
  • IRB approvals are not required for
  • Is DUA required?
  • Should data be in the specific format?
  • Should researcher have talked to BERD before engaging with TAP? 


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William Harvey, MD, MSc, FACR Co-Director, Informatics Program

Joseph Gormley Director, Advanced Systems Development, Informatics Program

Eugene W. Hinderer, PhD Senior Informaticist, Informatics Program

Svetlana Rojevsky, MSc, Program Administrative Director, Informatics Program