Are you preparing a manuscript or other research product and not sure if you need to cite our Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA)? Here’s how to know when you need to cite Tufts CTSI:

Did you receive free or subsidized Tufts CTSI services?

NIH requires investigators to cite Tufts CTSI when publications or other research products directly benefit from free or subsidized Tufts CTSI resources, services, or funding mechanisms. These include:

NOTE: Downstream publications and research products resulting from non-CTSI funded grants but for which the awarded proposal directly benefited from a free or subsidized resource or service should cite Tufts CTSI.

Did you receive infrastructure support?

When publications and research products benefit from Tufts CTSI infrastructure, senior authors and other investigators determine whether citation of Tufts CTSI is appropriate. Examples of ways Tufts CTSI infrastructure supports publications and research products include:

  • Fee-for-service arrangements managed by Tufts CTSI faculty or that use the billing and finance department (e.g., fee-based BERD Center services, Core Laboratory services, industry-funded studies conducted through the CTRC, industry-funded projects using DSMB services)
  • Coordination and support from Tufts CTSI faculty or staff (e.g., coordinating meetings, facilitating novel ideas or plans)
  • Technical or other assistance used for only a portion of the research that plays an important role.