Need help submitting your manuscript to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for compliance with the Public Access Policy? The NIH offers excellent resources and tutorials:

NIH Training and Communications

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Tutorials: MyNCBI (YouTube)

This YouTube channel contains six videos:

  1. MyNCBI Home Page
    Learn how to manage windows within MyNCBI; set NCBI site preferences; and access the help link.
  2. Save Searches and Set Email Alerts
    Learn how to search in PubMed and to change/cancel email alerts
  3. MyBibliography: Public Access Compliance
    Learn how to access award view under display settings; add/delete awards; receive an alwer when others link to your funding
  4. MyBibliography
    Learn how to add PubMed and non-PubMed citations and edit settings (privacy level; assign delegate)
  5. Save Search Results in Collections, Including Favorites
    Learn how to save search results with PubMed; add to collections; and edit a collection
  6. SciENcv: Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae
    Learn how to create a new profile; edit options within an existing profile; and research support section to include awards

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