Our Informatics Program helps researchers to acquire, manage, and share data.

Tools include:

  • HIPAA-compliant REDCap™ and REDBank to create surveys, capture data, and manage specimen collections
  • The Clinical Academic Enterprise Trust (CLARET) to obtain data derived from hospital-based electronic medical record systems
  • Tufts CTSI Profiles, to facilitate researcher networking.

Support is also provided to standardize forms and databases, and to facilitate data-sharing and resource collaboration.

Who is eligible?

  • REDCap™ and REDBank are available to anyone. Researchers not affiliated with a Tufts CTSI partner institution and students must work with a Tufts Medical Center investigator in order to be eligible.
  • CLARET is currently available only to Tufts Medical Center researchers.


For helpful tips, features, and other information, please visit our REDCap page.

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