Michael Ratty

Michael joined Tufts CTSI in April 2022. Previously, he served as the Director of Communications and Director of Alumni Communications at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston.

Kanchana Bhat

Kanchana Bhat joined Tufts CTSI in January 2022. In her role as Executive Director, Kanchana manages day-to-day operations and guides implementation of research services. Kanchana previously worked at Yale New Haven Hospital’s Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation for 15 years, engaging in the development, reevaluation, and public reporting of outcomes measures for the Centers … Continued

Noelle Weicker

Noelle is the Project Manager for Stakeholder and Community Engagement for Tufts CTSI. Prior to joining the team in November 2021, Noelle was a Senior Research Program Coordinator for a mixed-methods team at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. There she provided expertise in qualitative research focusing on socio-structural vulnerabilities, harm reduction, and health … Continued

Noé Duenas

Noé was born and raised in South Texas and moved to Boston in 2012. In 2014, he joined Tufts University as a clinical research coordinator (CRC), and has been in the clinical research field ever since. During Noé’s time as a CRC, he started and completed the MPH program at Tufts University. He is interested … Continued

Kris M. Markman

Dr. Markman is a social scientist and educator with more than 25 years of experience in higher education, including teaching, program administration, and research. Her research expertise is on communication issues related to teaching, learning, and collaborating with and through technology. Recent projects include a study examining organizational, professional, and teaching identity among academic librarians … Continued

Sarah K. Brewer

Sarah is a Project Manager for Evaluation and Continuous Improvement. Previously, she was Senior Research Project Coordinator for the Research Process Improvement, Regulatory Knowledge and Support, and Evaluation programs. She holds a Master of Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health and a bachelor’s degree concentrating in medical anthropology from Hampshire College. During … Continued

Amanda Schutt

Prior to joining Tufts CTSI in April 2020, Amanda was Chief Operations Officer for a multi-state science education non-profit providing enrichment services to K-12 students and professional development for classroom teachers. She earned her MS in Environmental Science from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Andrea L. Brissette

Andrea joined Tufts CTSI in November of 2019 as a Research Administrator II.  She brings a background in administration and research from Massachusetts General Hospital as a Staff Assistant III, Clinical Research Coordinator II, and a Grant Coordinator.  Andrea obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Tissue Engineering from Worcester … Continued

Stasia Swiadas

Stasia joined Tufts CTSI in November 2019. She is a Project Coordinator working on Network Capacity initiatives. She is particularly interested in population health and epidemiology. A New Hampshire native, Stasia earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health Management and Policy from the University of New Hampshire.

Eugene W. Hinderer III

Dr. Hinderer is a research staff member of the Tufts Analytics Platform at Tufts CTSI, specializing in bioinformatics. He received his PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Kentucky in the summer of 2019, where his dissertation focused on developing software for the augmented utilization of biological ontologies toward improving annotation enrichment … Continued

Alyssa Cabrera

Alyssa Cabrera joined Tufts CTSI in April 2019 as a Project Manager for the Research Process Improvement team. She’s a former Peace Corps Volunteer (Paraguay 2009-2011) with a background in public health and quality improvement. She completed her MPH in Global Health at Boston University’s School of Public Health in 2013 and became a Certified … Continued

Swetha Chinta

Swetha joined the Informatics team at Tufts CTSI in June 2018 as a Research Analyst. In this role, she will work on the design, build, and deployment of the Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) at Tufts Medical Center. Swetha brings a background in clinical research and has over ten years of experience in academic and … Continued

Nadia Prokofieva

Nadia joined Tufts CTSI in December 2017. As Senior Project Manager, Nadia develops and oversees projects and programs that are of critical importance to achieving Tufts CTSI’s mission, specifically focusing on the Pilot Studies Program. Most recently, Nadia worked as the Grants and Programs Associate at the DentaQuest Foundation. While there, Nadia managed relationships with … Continued

Robert Miller

Robert Miller joined the Informatics team at Tufts CTSI in early 2017. His main focus has been the full-stack development of a research data warehouse from disparate health record systems. He is an active contributor to the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) community where he leads the geographic information systems (GIS) working group. … Continued

Alice M. Rushforth

Dr. Rushforth has nearly two decades of experience in industry and academia. Prior to joining Tufts CTSI in February 2014, she served as the Director of Biotechnology Education Programs at the Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation. She also consulted for, and managed, Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems at MIT, which focused on bringing engineers and … Continued

Svetlana Rojevsky

Ms. Rojevsky directs the Informatics team at Tufts CTSI. Prior to joining Tufts CTSI, she worked in the biotech startup managing the development of a proprietary Laboratory Information Management System. She received an MSc in chemistry and early in her career worked in a research laboratory studying the dynamics of bacterial motion. Ms. Rojevsky brings … Continued

Muriel Powers

Mrs. Powers joined Tufts CTSI in 2014 and has been employed by Tufts Medical Center since 1987. She currently provides administrative support to Alice Rushforth. Mrs. Powers received her MFA from Norwich University.

Hoang Pham

Mr. Pham is a Java programmer with knowledge of MySQL Server, SQL server, Microsoft Access, Spring Framework, Maven, Javascript, HTML, and AngularJS.

Lisa Welch

Dr. Welch is a sociologist with expertise in designing, implementing, and disseminating results from large and small research projects, including evaluation studies. Her methodological specialization is mixed method and qualitative research. As Evaluation Director, she develops and implements an overall evaluation program that addresses the process and outcomes of the CTSI’s work. Dr. Welch also … Continued

Hannah Santos

Mrs. Santos is a Senior Project Manager for Tufts CTSI, working closely with the Research Collaboration Team and Navigators. She joined CTSI in September 2014 from another large, federally-funded research center at MIT. She earned her MBA from Simmons College in 2015. Her favorite part of her job is assisting with the monthly research studios hosted by the … Continued

Elizabeth Leary

Dr. Leary is the Senior Program Manager for the Clinical and Translational Science Graduate Program and assists with the TL1 Fellowships and KL2 Career Development Awards. Prior to joining Tufts CTSI in May 2014, she was an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and worked with several companies writing, editing, and developing educational tools. She earned her … Continued

Nina Bonnoyer

Ms. Bonnoyer is the Education Coordinator for the Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) Graduate Program within the Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Since 2008, she has worked very closely with the Program Director, Associate Director, and Program Manager. From Admissions to Commencement, she provides administrative support for the PhD, Masters, Certificate and Special Students … Continued