Tufts CTSI places particular emphasis on Asian health disparities because the Tufts campus is located in Boston’s Chinatown and affiliate practice centers and hospitals in surrounding cities (Quincy, Lowell, Everett, Malden) have high proportions of Asian residents.

An increasing body of literature demonstrates that Asians are not “the model minority without health problems,” particularly for recent immigrants. These findings mirror those of our clinical and research community.

Methodological (e.g., data collection representative of the diverse cultures making up Asia), genetic and environmental/cultural issues continue to result in substantive health disparities. At the same time, the Asian population nationally is projected to triple in growth and represent 8% of the US population by 2050, making it critical that we focus on improving the health of Asian Americans.

The overall vision of ADAPT is to improve the health status of, and promote health equity for, Asian Americans.

The mission of ADAPT is to promote, enhance, and evaluate Asian American health through community-academic collaborative research partnerships at the local and regional levels.


  • Aims to raise awareness of Asian health disparities and facilitate community-engaged research that targets the health of Asian Americans.
  • Functions as a space for co-learning, mutual collaboration and the incubation of ideas and collaborations.
  • Provides seminars and hosts Asian Health Research Symposia that target the research and clinical communities, public health and policy makers, and community leaders.
  • Supports investigators interested in Asian health disparities.
  • Encourages researcher-community organization collaborative efforts to seek funding for research and services in our surrounding community.
  • Works with the Boston Public Health Commission and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to identify ways to classify available data to better characterize health issues of Asians residing in our area.

ADAPT Members

ADAPT has an active community-researcher Advisory Committee with members from seven community agencies:

The Advisory Committee also include representatives from:


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Carolyn Rubin, EdD, MA, ADAPT Director

Karen Freund, MD, MPH, ADAPT Research Lead