Kyle Zollo-Venecek

Mr. Zollo-Venecek joined Tufts CTSI on July 11, 2022. After graduating Bates College with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, he worked for four years as an environmental science research technician in the Alaskan Arctic and Puerto Rico. During that time, he built a proficiency as a data professional and eventually became a programmer analyst at … Continued

Bhavya Kothari

Bhavya Kothari joined the Informatics team at Tufts CTSI in May 2022. In this role she will work on extraction, transformation and loading of data from Tufts Research Data Warehouse (TRDW) for various data research requests. Bhavya earned her MS in Data science and Business Analytics degree from University of North Carolina in 2018. Bhavya … Continued

Kevin Auguste

Mr. Auguste supports program leadership and staff in the administration of the Health Informatics Program and coordination of initiatives. He works closely with Ms. Rojevsky in planning and implementation activities, communicates with investigators, organizes meetings, supporting faculty in timely completion of deliverables. He supports Dr. Williams in coordinating activities in the Observational Health Data Sciences … Continued

Enrique Gonzalez

Mr. Gonzalez is REDCap Application Analyst. He develops and manages surveys and databases for research data collection and provides ongoing support for users and investigators. He also assists in application upgrade, testing and implementation and application feature expansion. Mr. Gonzalez is involved in customer communication, workshops, and individualized training.

Andrew Williams

Dr. Andrew Williams is a Co-Leader of Tufts CTSI’s Informatics Core, an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine, and Professor of the Practice in NU’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences. Dr. Williams co-leads the Tools and Resources and Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership and Open Biomedical Ontologies (OMOP2OBO) Domain Teams in the … Continued

Eugene W. Hinderer III

Dr. Hinderer is a research staff member of the Tufts Analytics Platform at Tufts CTSI, specializing in bioinformatics. He received his PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Kentucky in the summer of 2019, where his dissertation focused on developing software for the augmented utilization of biological ontologies toward improving annotation enrichment … Continued

Swetha Chinta

Ms. Chinta is the primary subject matter expert on the Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) at Tufts Medical Center. She is an experienced analyst, able to synthesize stakeholder and business needs to support the design, build, deployment, and integrations management, as well as user support for CTMS. Swetha brings a strong background in clinical research … Continued

William Harvey

Dr. Harvey is Co-Lead of the Tufts CTSI Informatics Program, a Vice President and Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Tufts Medicine, and Associate Professor of Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine. In this role, Dr. Harvey advises on the strategic direction of our Informatics program including implementation of systems to integrate healthcare and research, … Continued

Svetlana Rojevsky

Ms. Rojevsky directs the Informatics team at Tufts CTSI. In this role Ms. Rojevsky collaborates with program faculty directors and staff to translate their vision and knowledge into actionable plans and monitors the program execution. Her primary role includes program and project management, business analysis, and strategic planning. She oversees day-to-day program operations, including staff … Continued

Hoang Pham

Mr. Pham is a full stack developer with foundational knowledge in programming and applications development. Mr. Pham supports Tufts CTSI’s Research Request management system, develops reporting datasets, and manages the REDCap application with timely upgrades, updates, and ongoing support for users and investigators. He is experienced in ETL development, database development, and data integrations. Mr. … Continued