Kyle Zollo-Venecek

Software Development Analyst II
Tufts CTSI

Mr. Zollo-Venecek joined Tufts CTSI on July 11, 2022. After graduating Bates College with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, he worked for four years as an environmental science research technician in the Alaskan Arctic and Puerto Rico. During that time, he built a proficiency as a data professional and eventually became a programmer analyst at the Environmental Data Initiative Repository, an NSF-funded project to manage the data from and promote open and collaborative synthesis science for the environmental and ecological research communities. After working on a range of projects covering thematic standardization, semantic web technology integration, and automated metadata creation, he is happily joining the Tufts CTSI Informatics team to assist with research and development of the TDRW and to contribute to OHDSI GIS Workgroup to help provide clinically relevant evidence from place-related datasets.