Interested in showcasing your research on sensors and biomarkers? Want to find collaborators or get feedback on a work-in-progress?

Faculty, fellows, residents, students, staff and community partners affiliated with Tufts CTSI are invited to participate in the poster session at Translational Research Day 2017 on Tuesday, November 14.

Posters will be displayed electronically (on LED screens from ePosterBoards) from 9:00AM-2:00PM in the Tufts Center for Medical Education, 1st Floor, 145 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA. Previously presented posters are welcome.

Why should you participate?

  • Present your work on sensors, devices, and biomarkers
  • Expand on your scientific and/or professional skill set
  • Develop cross-departmental and cross-institutional research collaborations
  • It’s free!

To submit your abstract, please email with:

  • Your name and institution
  • Poster title
  • Poster authors
  • Poster abstract

Submissions are due by Monday, October 30.

Please also register for Translational Research Day.

How should you prepare your electronic poster?

ePosterBoards provides formatting guidelines on their website and on YouTube.

Please be sure to:

  • Use the landscape format
  • Save any formulas as an image (PC users)
  • Use a large font size, preferably 28pt or larger
  • Feel free to add multiple slides and to embed videos, animation, and hyperlinks to make your poster more dynamic.

Have questions or need help? Email