This image is an NIH bar graph with median relative citations on the y-axis and all BIRCWH programs on the x-axis. Publications from BIRCWH programs overall have an impact above the NIH average with a relative citation ratio of 1.15 (purple line) versus the NIH median of 1.0 (pink line). The Tufts CTSI BIRCWH program is highlighted as having the second highest median relative citations of any program with a relative citation ratio median of 1.76, a 76% increased ratio from the NIH median relative citation ratio.

Key Takeaways: The NIH bar graph depicts the high relative citation impact of publications from the Tufts CTSI BIRCWH Program Scholars. Compared to the impact of all other BIRCWH Programs and of the overall NIH median, the Tufts BIRCWH Program ranks second highest for median relative citations with a 76% increased ratio compared to the NIH median. This shows the higher than average impact of the research conducted within the Program.