Tufts CTSI is committed to helping physicians and healthcare professionals by providing cost-effective clinical research support via in-person and on-line electronic methods. We work to insure that these online tools, supported by a proper Internet security and privacy policy, protect users and the data they manage. The following is our policy regarding website user privacy.

Collection of User Personal Information

User personal information that is collected during the registration and other processes are retained and managed in a secure administrative function with limited access. Your information will be kept on file for an indefinite period of time unless you notify Tufts CTSI to have your information removed. To remove your information, email us to request that your personal information be removed. We will remove your personal information within several business days of receipt of your request.

Email Messages

Tufts CTSI may send you periodic messages regarding system, program and product announcements. You will continue to receive messages until you opt to limit or decline these emails as discussed below. Users should be aware that email is not considered a secure information exchange method and should not be used for the transmission of sensitive information. If any sensitive information needs to be delivered to Tufts CTSI, please contact Tufts CTSI at 617-636-CTSI to determine the best method.

Limitation on Use of Collected Information

Tufts CTSI will not sell or exchange user personal information or any other collected information to any other party or organization without explicit written prior permission of the user.

Web Browser Cookies

A “cookie” is a small text file that a website can send to your computer’s hard drive while you are viewing the site. Tufts CTSI uses cookies to enable faster access to pages on our site so that you do not have to log in to every page you visit. We do not use cookies to collect any personal information about you or from your computer. The cookie and all the information it contains is erased every time you end your session at Tufts CTSI websites. You may set your browser not to accept cookies, but that will limit your use of some features.

Log Files

Tufts CTSI records will contain non-personal information in our audit logs, such as: Internet Protocol address, browser version, date and time of the system usage and additional data. We collect this non-personal information to: track times to manage resources, analyze trends to provide better service, and for other site administration. This demographic information is not connected to any personally identifiable information.


Access to computer data and files at Tufts CTSI is secured via several information technology standard methods, tools, and policies. Tufts CTSI will use business reasonable efforts to ensure that personal information is protected from unauthorized access.

Changes to This Policy and Use of the Website

Tufts CTSI will update our policies as necessary from time to time and reserves the right to do so at any time. Tufts CTSI will inform users of changes in the Tufts CTSI privacy policy by posting updates on the Tufts CTSI website. Users are responsible to check the Tufts CTSI site periodically to understand and understand our privacy, user, information, and other policies. By using Tufts CTSI’s website, you agree to the provisions of our policies described herein.

Unsolicited Email as a Result of Participation in a Member Community

At Tufts CTSI, we recognize that the value of open, discussion-based member communities is in the free exchange of information and communication on a given subject, and that preventing unsolicited emails is vital to the health and value of these communities. Tufts CTSI is committed to preventing abuse of the Member communities to the full extent of our abilities within reason. If you are the victim of unsolicited email advertising on a Tufts CTSI list, or one claiming to be sent from Tufts CTSI, please forward the unsolicited email to info@tuftsctsi.org. We will make every reasonable effort to stop unsolicited advertising to our members.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Tufts CTSI or any of its policies, please contact Tufts CTSI directly at info@tuftsctsi.org.