Ronald D. Perrone, MD

Tufts Medical Center

Dr. Perrone has had a long-standing and wide-ranging interest in ADPKD, including basic investigations addressing mechanisms of ion transport by cystic epithelia, clinical investigations describing causes of mortality in the ADPKD ESRD population, and participation and direction of clinical trials in ADPKD. He has had extensive experience in clinical trials including serving as the Boston site principal investigator of the HALT PKD study, as a member of the HALT PKD Steering committee, member of the Endpoints and Publications/Ancillary studies subcommittees, and Chairman of the Quality Control committee. Dr. Perrone is Boston site principal investigator and member of the global steering committee for the TEMPO 3/4 and REPRISE trials of tolvaptan in ADPKD. He has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation since 1999 (Chairman from 2006-2010).

Over the past 8 years, Dr. Perrone initiated and co-led the PKD Outcomes Consortium and has been the principal clinician involved in bringing together the contributors from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, NIH, FDA, EMA, CDISC, and C-Path. Total kidney volume has been approved as a prognostic biomarker by both the FDA and the EMA. His familiarity and experience with performing clinical trials, biomarker development, background in basic science, and his expertise and experience working with multicenter clinical trials and large consortia will enable Dr. Perrone to contribute extensively to the development of new biomarkers.

Dr. Perrone earned his bachelors of science in Zoology from Pennsylvania State University and his medical degree from Hahnemann Medical College (now Drexel University College of Medicine).