Harry P. Selker, MD, MSPH

Dean and Principal Investigator
Tufts CTSI

As Dean of Tufts CTSI, Dr. Harry Selker provides leadership for programs and infrastructure that support clinical and translational research at the Tufts University schools and affiliated hospitals, and other academic, community-based, and industry Tufts CTSI partners. He practices medicine at Tufts Medical Center.

Dr. Selker‘s research focuses on the development of treatment strategies, decision aids, and systems aimed at improving medical care. He is known for his studies of the factors influencing emergency cardiac care and for the development of “clinical predictive instruments,” mathematical models used as decision aids. They provide predictions for patients’ likely cardiac diagnoses and outcomes for real-time use in clinical care that, in multiple large national clinical effectiveness trials, have demonstrated better treatment and clinical outcomes for patients with acute coronary syndromes. Additionally, Dr. Selker has done research to advance clinical study design, execution, issues around informed consent, data analysis, mathematical predictive modeling of medical outcomes, and comparative effectiveness research.

Dr. Selker has contributed to health services and health policy research, with a focus on translational research that impacts public health. He has provided advice about health care delivery and medical research to policymakers, including the House and Senate authors of the Affordable Care Act. He has served as president of five national scientific/professional societies and is currently chair of the Clinical Research Forum.