Christine Wanke, MD

Professor of Medicine
Tufts University School of Medicine

Dr. Wanke’s research interests are in the intersection of nutritional compromise and infectious diseases, particularly diarrheal disease and growth faltering in children in the resource limited world and in patients infected with HIV, whether in the US or in the resource limited world. In studies of growth faltering, her interests are in maternal as well as infant factors and she is interested in pathogenesis as well as the development of potential interventions. In terms of HIV and nutrition, Dr. Wanke views the intersection of HIV and nutrition broadly, with behavioral, psychological, socio-economic factors that contribute to the relationship between nutrition and HIV. Her interests include the prevalence of food security, the impact of food security on entry and retention in care, adherence to ART, the impact of food security and nutrition on progression of HIV infection and on complications of HIV infections, including cardiovascular risk and other infections, such as tuberculosis or hepatitis. The approach her research employs attempts to include potential translational elements, such as cost effectiveness of interventions in her studies. Trainees are involved in all aspects of Dr. Wanke’s research and include US trained post doctoral fellows as well as international trainees.