Interested in the next-generation of clinical sensors, biomarkers, and devices? Want to meet translational research collaborators and develop grant proposals?

Join Tufts CTSI for Sensors, Devices, and Biomarkers in Medicine: Symposium Plus on Tuesday, April 24 at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Room 1414 (1 Kneeland Street, Boston). This interactive event will focus on nascent research projects with the goals of assisting teams to develop research project proposals for future grant submissions and engaging all event participants in team science approaches to further catalyze research ideas.

Four projects will be presented and discussed:

  • Non-invasive Detection of CSF Derived Exosomal PD Biomarkers in Olfactory Mucus, submitted by Mansoor Amiji, PhD, Northeastern University
  • Clinical Testing of Glucose and Lactate Biosensors, submitted by Ahmed Busnaina, PhD, Northeastern University
  • Toward Connected, Distributed, Self-Powered, and Self-Optimizing Medical Implants, submitted by Tommaso Melodia, PhD, MS Northeastern University
  • Developing an Activity-Dependent Biomarker of Upper Motor Neuron Dysfunction in ALS, submitted by Oscar Soto, MD, Tufts Medical Center

By the end of this interactive symposium, you should be able to:

  • Describe potential translational roadblocks in developing, testing, and using sensor-and device-based health prevention, detection, management, or intervention strategies.
  • Examine potential pitfalls of intellectual property (IP) in the development of these technologies or strategies.
  • Identify stage-appropriate funding mechanisms and understand the attributes that make a project attractive to funding agencies.
  • Identify Tufts CTSI resources that can help me in advancing a research project and that support team-based translational science.
  • Explain the value of peer and expert feedback in the process of developing a fundable proposal.


Tuesday, April 24, 9:00AM-3:00PM
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Rachel’s Auditorium, Room 1414
1 Kneeland Street, Boston MA


To attend, please register here by April 20.