Would you like to learn how to manage conflict as a member or leader of a team-based research project?

In collaborative research, conflict is inevitable. As individuals with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and personalities undergo the stages of team formation, differences in goals, working styles, and expectations emerge. Failing to address these differences can derail a promising research idea and fracture collaborative relationships.

Learn the strategies to anticipate and overcome conflict in your research from a Team Science methodology in Conflict in Research Teams: Prevention, Management, and Resolution. In this two-session, live online workshop, you’ll hear about common areas of conflict in research teams, learn about frameworks for understanding, discussing, and managing conflict, and practice these skills through role-playing.

Learning objectives

After attending this event, participants should be able to:

  • Assess the state of conflict in their own teams.
  • Describe how a high-functioning team manages conflict effectively.
  • Employ tools and practices to anticipate and resolve common areas of conflict in research teams.

Who should attend

Faculty and research team members who currently work on team-based research projects, or plan to do so in the future, are encouraged to attend.


Monday, April 26 and Monday, May 3, 2021
Online via Zoom (a link will be sent to those who register).


To attend, please enroll here via Tufts CTSI I LEARN by April 25.

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