The Integrating Underrepresented Populations in Research (IUPR) Program leverages expertise and resources to create a culture and environment that prioritizes the inclusion of underserved and underrepresented populations along the entire translational research spectrum. IUPR offers consultation services and training opportunities.

Consultations provide tailored guidance and mentoring on strategies for inclusion of underrepresented
populations, including evidence-based recruitment and retention strategies and guidance on how to work with stakeholders.

Who is eligible?

Investigators and staff at Tufts CTSI partners and collaborators are eligible for IUPR-related services.


IUPR consultation services provide tailored guidance and mentoring on strategies for inclusion of special populations in all aspects of clinical and translational research to:

  1. Bring community-driven research projects to fruition
  2. Advise on study designs that promote inclusion of children, elderly, and medically and socially vulnerable persons
  3. Promote broad participant enrollment in all clinical studies, with a particular focus on CTSA Consortium multi-site trials.

Support for research teams for development of innovative approaches to recruitment and retention of special populations will be provided through our consultation services and by providing funding for special populations research through the Pilot Studies and Community Health Catalysts grant programs.

We offer awareness-raising events, skill-building workshops and online training modules for research teams, community stakeholders, and potential study participants (WATCH: Video training, Recruitment and Retention of Older Adults in Research).


To contact us, please submit a service request.

Sara C. Folta, PhD, Director, Integrating Underrepresented Populations in Research

Linda B. Hudson, ScD, MSPH, Associate Director, Integrating Underrepresented Populations in Research