Abigail Thomas

Clinical Research Coordinator II
Tufts CTSI

Abigail has coordinated clinical trials and exploratory research for improving the basis of knowledge in neurological disease and neonatal neurodevelopment.

Having previously run collaborative MRI-based neuroimaging studies, Abigail contributed to investigations in the role of maternal postnatal stress, language exposure, and other social environments on stages of motor, social and linguistic development, and on development of neural tracts and subcortical structures in healthy infants.

She has also conducted clinical trials for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and monitoring of progressive Mild Cognitive Impairment (e.g. ADNI-3). Most recently, she independently conducted a feasibility study across Wellforce community hospitals, testing mobile healthcare systems with nurses and providers for improving assessment and treatment management in patients with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.