Current Fellows

Paul C. Adjei, MD

MB.ChB, University of Ghana
Internal Medicine Residency/Chief Residency, Rochester General Hospital, Rochester NY
Infectious Diseases Fellow, Tufts Medical Center
MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science

My area of interest is global health research, especially HIV (drug resistance, vertical transmission) and TB, but also parasitic and tropical infections in general; and specifically in resource limited settings. I plan to start by looking at levels of HIV drug resistance in children less than 18 months of age in Namibia, with the hope that the skills so acquired shall be transferable to other resource limited settings especially in Africa.

Maria Rodriguez Berrios, ND

BS, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, PR
ND, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, AZ
MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science Graduate Program

I am a licensed Naturopathic physician with a commitment and passion to serve communities globally through compassionate integrative care. I have offered personalized medical care to diverse communities and underserved families in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the United States. I have broad clinical research experience in digestive microbiology, complementary and integrative medicine, public health, health disparities and offering culturally-appropriate intervention programs for communicable and non-communicable diseases. I recognize the importance of current clinical research and providing equitable healthcare and public health education for the management and prevention of health conditions. My research interests include minority health, and collaborating with multidisciplinary community-academic sectors to identify potential barriers in healthcare. Ultimately, my work aims to foster health policies and innovate programs to reduce health disparities.

Jonathan Brown, BS

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst
MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science 

My research interests include investigating the underlying pathophysiologic changes of ventricular-vascular coupling in the setting and progression of aortic valve disease. I am particularly interested in integrating both clinical data and computational methods to better understand the clinical decline of patients with aortic stenosis.

Alissa Dangel, MD

BS Environmental Science, University of Rochester
MD, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Maryland Medical Center
2017 – ACOG/CREOG National Faculty Award
MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science

Through my recent work as an OB/GYN hospitalist, I have developed an interest in the role of complementary medicine in the obstetric population, particularly as it relates to patients with pregnancy complications. In addition, I also am interested in the area of diabetes management during pregnancy, particularly during a patient’s inpatient hospitalization which might occur as a result of complications or for labor and delivery.

Gaurav Gulati, MD

AB, Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
MD, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Internship and Residency, Internal Medicine, The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Fellowship, Cardiovascular Disease, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA
MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science

As the population of patients with advanced heart failure grows, the gap between the number of patients awaiting heart transplantation and the number of available organs will continue to grow. Left ventricular assist systems (LVASs) are an effective way of supporting these patients, but much remains to be learned about how these systems should best be managed. I am particularly interested in better understanding the physiology and hemodynamics of LVASs, including their impact on the right ventricle and the pulmonary circulation. I am also interested in using automated techniques, including machine learning, to interpret data obtained from LVASs in order to guide patient management.

Michael Jonczyk, MD

Associates in Radiography, Champlain College
Bachelors in Science, Burlington, VT
MD, Jagiellonian University Medical College Krakow, Poland
Completed PGY2, General Surgery, Tufts Medical Center
MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science

My interest in research is quite broad from the surgical perspective. There continues to be evolution in multiple surgical techniques and medical advancement with technology pushing the envelope. Breast cancer surgery interests me with new innovative approaches to treating these patients while maintaining aesthetic symmetry, elegance and complete resolution of cancer with chemo-pharmacology. On the other end, I am interested in reconstructive surgery, microsurgery and enhancing perfusion to patients whom are in need of limb transplants or facial transplants. These are fairly new surgical techniques which show potential but continue to exhibit immunogenic rejection. My goal would be to enhance outcomes of these transplants while gaining exposure to surgical techniques, immunogenic response and patient care.

Anthony Brian Karabanow, MD

BSc, University of Toronto
MD, University of CT School of Medicine
Residency, University of WI Hospital
Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Tufts Medical Center
Certificate/MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science

My research interests are in the areas of wound care and antibiotic stewardship. My current projects include an evaluation of diabetic foot infection guidelines and reviewing adherence to preoperative antibiotic prophylaxis protocols at Tufts Medical Center.

Anita Kumar, MD, MS

MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2008
MS, Clinical Epidemiology, University of Pennsylvania, 2014
Residency in Internal Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Fellowship in Hematology/Oncology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Zucker Research Award (2016); Charlton Award (2016); Moore/Moreau Award (2017);
Komen Scholar (2017-2018)
PhD Student in Clinical and Translational Science

I am interested in cancer care delivery and decision making for patients with hematologic malignancies. In particular, I am interested in decision making for older patients with newly diagnosed cancer.

Daqin Mao, PhD, MS

BS, Biochemistry, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
MS, Pathobiology, Shanghai Medical College – Fudan University, Shanghai China
PhD, Biochemistry, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University, Boston, MA
MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science
Komen Fellow

Due to my past training in basic cancer research, I would like to further my interest in cancer study and conduct clinical investigations on cancer treatments (including diagnosis & therapeutics) and outcomes with the hope to help move the boundaries of oncology care.

Anna Meader, MD

BSc, Bates College, Lewiston ME, 2009
MD, Tufts University, Boston MA, 2015
General Surgery, Maine Medical Center, Portland ME
2018 TUSM HouseStaff teaching excellence award, General Surgery
MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science

My prior research interests included the use of CTA imaging to predict progression of cerebrovascular disease and the use of cerebral vasospasm to predict delayed cerebral ischemia, localization of breast disease, and treatment of chest wall trauma. Currently my research interests focus on injury and referral patterns in rural trauma patients as well as nutrition and muscle wasting in the surgical ICU.

Natalia Olchanski, MS

BS, Mathematics & Management Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
MS, Operations Research, Columbia University, New York, NY
PhD Student in Clinical and Translational Science
PhRMA Foundation Predoctoral Fellow

My past research encompasses a variety of health economics, outcomes research, and policy analysis studies in multiple clinical areas, with a number focusing on cardiovascular disease. My current research interests are in quantifying the value of health care interventions and programs using a variety of methods from prospective studies to database analyses and decision-analytic models and simulations. In particular I am interested in the impact of health information technology on health and health care spending, and in the effects of individual heterogeneity on decision making and health outcomes.

Bridget Jane Perry, PhD, MS

BBA, Marketing and Graphic Design, University of Notre Dame
MS, Speech Language Pathology, Rush University
PhD, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Rehabilitation Sciences
MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science

My area of research includes the evaluation and treatment of neurologically-based speech and swallowing impairments and evidence-based, patient-centered decision making surrounding feeding management in persons with dysphagia.

Xi Qian, PhD, MS

BS, Biotechnology, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai, China
MS, Nutritional physiology, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai, China
PhD, Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
MS Student in Clinical and Translational Science

My general research interests lie in mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis and the avenues to utilize these insights to develop antimicrobial strategies. Specifically, I am developing novel immunotherapeutic interventions to prevent and treat infectious diarrheal diseases caused by various bacterial pathogens.

Ramy Rashad, BA

BA, Neuroscience, Middle East Studies, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
MD/MBA candidate, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA

I am particularly interested understanding the relationship between corneal diseases, their clinical manifestations, and their responses to available treatment modalities. I am also interested in evaluating these treatments from a cost perspective to find ways to maximize efficiency and dollars spent within the healthcare system.

Alexandra (Lexi) Sack, DVM, MPH

Birmingham-Southern College, BS Biology
North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, DVM
Harvard Chan School of Public Health, MPH Global Health
Post-doctoral Associate at Duke University School of Medicine in One Health in Mongolia
PhD Student in Clinical and Translational Science

My past research has focused on One Health, zoonotic diseases, and food safety, including potentially zoonotic influenza in Mongolia, and salmonella in live poultry and at wet markets in Malaysia. My current interest is still One Health and zoonotic diseases, especially examining the opportunities and risk involved with interactions between humans, wildlife, and livestock.


Past Fellows

Nadine Al-Naamani, MD, MS

Jonathan Babyak, DVM

Derek Beaulieu

Alison Brown, PhD, MS

Nadi Kaonga, MPH

Vaibhav Kumar, MBBS

Jana Cerullo Leary, MD

David G. Li, BS

Marzieh Mirhashemi, PhD, MS

Christina Mulé, PhD

Jonathan Nyce, MD

Tiffany Otero, MD

Sonali Paul, MD, MS

Henry Rogalin, PhD

Benjamin Wessler, MD, MS

Alexander Xu, BS