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Services & Consultation

Connect with Collaborators

The ability to connect with collaborators lies at the very core of a successful translational research program. Towards that end, Tufts CTSI was created with the aim of supporting researchers, institutional partners, and community members in conducting innovative clinical and translational research.


Participating members and organizations of Tufts CTSI can make requests for advice, mentoring, and services. Researchers can:

  • Find research resources;
  • Connect with other researchers, industry, and community partners;
  • Participate in educational programs and training opportunities;
  • Access consultation on how to design, implement and execute a study;
  • Identify funding opportunities for clinical and translational research locally and nationally.

Tufts CTSI services help researchers make a smooth transition from idea development to funded project to publication.

Tufts CTSI builds on several efforts across Tufts University. The Provost's office has been working to better coordinate bench and laboratory research across Tufts and its affiliated institutions. For example, a Tufts Core Facilities and Service Center website assists members of the research community in finding core facilities and shared instrumentation to support their research needs. Core facilities provide services and technical support while service centers provide products. On the website they are grouped together by campus. And the levels of service are listed for each core or instrument using the following guidelines:

  • Level 1: Fee for full-service facility. The user of these services only needs to bring a sample, the facility does the rest.
  • Level 2: Do-it-yourself facility with full-time technical support.
  • Level 3: Do-it-yourself after intensive supervised training. Occasional trouble-shooting help is provided.
  • Level 4: Limited access facility (e.g. users need to be part of a collaborative group, center, or consortium).

Further information about specific core facilities, instruments, and scheduling time and services at these facilities can be found on the Tufts Core Facilities and Service website.

In addition, for forty years there has existed a partnership with clinical researchers at Tufts Medical Center and Tufts University, and medical staff at the Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) to form a single, enhanced resource for investigators. Our activities are highly integrated with the Institutional Review Board and other critical research components across the University and its affiliated hospitals. More information about CTRC available here.

To connect with collaborators or request other assistance, email Please include the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Organization
  • Description of request