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Services & Consultation

Services & Consultation

Clinical Trial Assistance

Tufts CTSI provides clinical trial assistance through its Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) and its Core Laboratory.

Investigators who are preparing an application to request external (such as from the National Institutes of Health) or internal funding for a study that will be conducted, at least in part, at the CTRC or Core Lab need to contact the CTRC Manager ( 10 business days before submission so we can assist you by creating customized study-specific documents for the Resources/Environment and Budget sections of the application.

An overview of the CTRC follows, however, you can also navigate to specific CTRC information by using the left side menu.


The CTRC, formerly known as the General Clinical Research Center (GCRC), has been in continuous operation since 1961. The CTRC serves as a core institutional resource for the conduct of investigator-initiated, high-quality, innovative clinical research within Tufts Medical Center and across the scientific community under the CTSA-supported Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) (

The CTRC provides the necessary infrastructure for investigators to conduct a wide range of state-of-the-art clinical studies (including Phase I studies) in neonatal, pediatric and adult research participants in the outpatient or inpatient setting. It offers an array of resources to facilitate clinical research for studying the causes and progression of human disease and for translation of biomedical research to prevent, treat or cure disease. The CTRC is staffed by a full complement of specialized research nurses and research assistants, research study coordinators, and laboratory technicians.

Investigators at all levels of the academic ladder (students, trainees, faculty) and at all Tufts CTSI affiliated partners have access to CTRC services (go here for a quick table of services). We are especially supportive of young investigators during the early stages of their development.

The CTRC provides support for every aspect of a clinical study, including regulatory and coordinating services, data collection, routine and specialized nursing, sample collection, processing, and short-term and long-term storage and shipment, as needed.

Services provided within the CTRC are carefully coordinated with services provided by other institutional cores, such as the Core Laboratory, and within Tufts CTSI, the Research Design Center/Biostatistics Research Center (RDC/BRC). Investigators using the RDC are further guided and supported in their study design and protocol development; grant writing and submission; regulatory approval; data management and data analyses.

There are also additional services available through the Tufts Medical Center Clinical Laboratory.