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Faculty & Academic Affairs

Academic Appointments

Tufts Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) is the academic home for clinical and translational science at Tufts.  Given that one of its primary objectives is to provide outstanding research education and training programs for nascent researchers, a priority within Tufts CTSI is fostering the development and appointment of a renowned scientific faculty.

Faculty membership in Tufts CTSI is by appointment and is overseen by the Committee on Faculty Appointments, which reports to the Dean of Tufts CTSI. Candidates must have a primary faculty appointment at a participating school, hospital, center, or institute and must be approved by the Tufts CTSI Committee on Faculty Appointments. Appointments are at the rank earned at the school of primary appointment.

The Tufts CTSI faculty comprises:

  1. The Dean of Tufts CTSI;
  2. Tufts faculty appointed by the Dean to leadership positions in CTSI, including Associate Directors; and
  3. Adjunct and modified track faculty from Tufts and Tufts CTSI-affiliated institutions who are found by the Tufts CTSI Committee on Faculty Appointments to have demonstrated expertise in clinical and translational research and who will contribute to the success of Tufts CTSI.

The complete policy and procedure for faculty appointments may be found here.

For more information about Tufts CTSI faculty appointments, please contact Aaron Kirby at or (617) 636-5619.